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Europesadilla / Euro-nightmare

In July 2012 we published the post Apecracy about a book and video by Aleix Saló on the Spanish politics situation.

On past April 2013, this author presented a new book and video entitled Euro-nightmare. Someone has eaten the middle class

If you liked Apecracy, we expect you will like the Euro-nightmare video also. It is about 4 minutes long. The video is in Spanish but we include an English transcription.

0:11 Hi kids. I introduce you to Professor Vicens Nuvarro and Doctor Huerta de Seto.
0:18 Professor Nuvarro loves bulky states, but Doctor Huerta de Seto hates them.
0:28 Nuvarro believes that the private sector tends to abusive practices and defends a state with many state enterprises, public banks and heavily regulated market economy. For Professor Nuvarro there is no prosperity without a state that guarantees redistribution of wealth.
0:50 Huerta de Seto believes instead that over-regulated economy suffocates businesses, encourages offshoring and promotes unemployment, and as public enterprises do not pursue benefit, they lose competitiveness and become a bottomless pit for public money, so that in the end, as Huerta de Seto, the state no longer redistributes wealth, that is only for it. His recipe for prosperity is a market with free competition allowing the most competitive companies grow and increase hiring.
1:26 On a scale between the two theories, how would you distribute the policies of the major parties?
1:33 Like that? Like that? Like that? Like that?
1:37 Well, actually their governance enroll in another dimension.
1:42 The reason? The propagation of a parasite in their top management, the Iberian vampire! A species that is mediocre and unable to succeed in real life. Hence its desire to enter politics and stick to a position as if his life would depend on it.
1:56 His tactic is to place his fellows as he rises in the party to infect the board and parallel strata.
2:04 His staunch supports ensure impunity for any offense and when he controls the state, he distributes public funds between media, unions and other bodies, depending if they are friends o rebels, cronies or unruly.
2.22 Cookie! No cookie! Cookie! No cookie! Cookie! ¡No cookie!
2:27 Thus, instead of redistributing wealth, we have patronage.
2:33 Blackmail spreads to economic market where the state granted favorable treatment to a select group of companies, that appreciate the gesture by paying commissions, or by placing politicians in their boards.
2:50 The other companies are marginalized to deal with a mammoth bureaucracy.
2:57 If this is free competition my b…. are carnations.
3:02 The problem for Nuvarro is an economics power that corrupts to the political power.
3:06 For Huerta de Seto, it is a political power that corrupts to the economics power.
3:12 Anyway, this two-headed monster captures our limited resources and refuses self-dismantle.
3:22 The ones from above against those below? The ones in the left against those in the right? Or better, outsiders against those inside?
3:30 Welcome everybody to the tunnel of terror.

En julio de 2012 publicamos la entrada Simiocracia sobre un libro y video de Aleix Saló acerca de la situación política española.

El pasado mes de abril de 2013, este autor presentó un nuevo libro y  vídeo titulado Europesadilla. Alguien se ha comido a la clase media.

Si le gustó Simiocracia, esperamos que el video de Europesadilla le guste también. Dura unos 4 minutos y está en español.

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